Affordable Speech and Language Services

Valley Speech and Language Therapy is a private practice run by Jennifer Terry and is dedicated to providing affordable speech and language services in the Salt Lake Valley area.   
We specialize in child speech and language disorders including but not limited to; stuttering, articulation, tongue thrust, receptive and expressive delays, autism, and traumtic brain injury.
 This is our Mission:

With regard to my clients:

    I recognize that each client has an inalienable right to communicate.  I appreciate my clients as people and not just as disorders to be treated. I respect the differences and diversity that my clients present. I recognize that I am not superior to my clients and one client is not superior to another.  I seek to achieve real improvement in the lives of my clients.  I will provide education to my clients so they can make informed decision regarding their treatment.

With regard to society:

    I uphold my duty to educate and advocate for the prevention of communication disorders.  I consider the perspectives of all stakeholders in practice. I collaborate with other professional in other fields as well as my own in order to benefit the client and the greater community.

With regard to myself as a professional:

    I hold myself accountable to the values and ethics espoused in this oath.  I act with compassion and honesty.  I continue to learn and to engage in evidence-based practice.  I will not be afraid to admit uncertainty or to consult those with the proper knowledge and skills.  I provide the best care for my clients and strive to instill hope in all.  I will seek to serve others, not myself.  Above all, I will capture the joy of caring for people; for it is a privilege. 
For a free consulation please contact Jenni by email or by phone:
Jennifer Terry, MS CCC-SLP
Phone: 801-815-7961
    Experience and Education:
Masters of Speech-Language Pathology
University of Utah 2007
Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Science
University of Utah 2005
ASHA Certification of Clinicial Competence
American Speech-Lanugage-Hearing Association
Speech-Language Pathologist
Granite School District 2007-Present
Speech- Language Instructional Assistant
Granite School District 2004-2007